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Mustord - Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer

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The Enemy of the Mess

The kitchen has a great importance in people's lives. The kitchen is the place where the most delicious and healthy meals are produced and our stomachs are full. For some, it may even be a temple. After all, it offers us one of the basic things we need to live: food… How organized and clean our kitchen is of course also affects the quality of our meals. How well did you wash a pan you washed? How far did you get rid of germs and bacteria? Was your dish sponge hygienic enough? After cooking and eating your delicious meals, you have to wash the dishes. You usually do this with the help of a sponge. If you do not clean the sponge after you are done with the washing and do not dry it in a short time, it will accumulate a lot of bacteria because it is a feast for bacteria: food residues and a humid environment… With Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer, you will not have to worry about them. With the Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer that you will attach to your sink, you can both keep your kitchen organized and be more hygienic. With its breathable structure, the sponges will always be dry and your kitchen will always be tidy thanks to its structure suitable for every sink.

Suitable for Every Kitchen

Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer can be used with almost all sinks with its expanding structure. In its short form it is 32 cm. The longest form is 45 cm. You can put dishwashing products such as sponges, dish soap, dish brushes inside the Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer. Thus, these products will not show the crowd and they will all stay together. Thanks to the air-permeable structure of the Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer, the contents will dry easily and will prevent the formation of bacteria. You can also hang your towel on the towel bar on it.

Easy Installation

Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer is very simple to install. Assemble the pieces that came out of the box. Then stick the non-slip stickers on the back of the Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer and start using it! You can see it in more detail in the photo below.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning the Telescopic Sink Shelf Organizer is pretty easy. Since you will already put it in your sink, you can keep water in it constantly. Water will flow out from the air holes in the bottom.


Material: PP
Species: Sponge holder
Use 1: Home storage
Use 3: Kitchen Tools
Color: Yellow, Blue, Green and Red
Size: 32cm to 45cm

The Mustord Way

Mustord Kitchen strives to provide excellent customer support and keep Our Customers' best interest at heart Although we initially started Out selling our collections in local boutiques and then grew into the online shopping world it did not take long for us to realize how important communication and customer support is online! Some E-commerce stores really struggle to keep an open line of contact with their customers, the moment we expanded our business online we vowed to always have great customer service by providing excellent communication. Mustord Kitchen has a 21/7/345 ticket and email support. Please. please please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever need assistance we are here for you and want to make your experience with us be as simple as possible.
Thanks for shopping with Mustord.



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